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Be Loving & Caring to Your Self-Image: By Heizal Njuguna

 “Self-image” is the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearances, and personality (Oxford, 10th Edition). It is a personal view or mental picture of oneself. Self-image is not permanently fixed but rather dynamic and changes from time to time. It is developed through learning different things as we grow, having different experiences in life and having diverse relationships around us. It is therefore safe to say

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 I had the privilege of meeting Nelly Nemayian during Pinnacle of Praise Show Weekend of Empowerment Boston 2015. Two members of our crew had informed me that Nelly will be in the house. Nemayian? Who she is, I asked with reservations. I was told that she is a very powerful Kenyan Gospel Artist who has sung in both Kiswahili and English.  Ok! I have never heard

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Frustrations are obstacles or experiences we encounter in our walk in life. They will occur in our lives often no matter who we are, where we are or what we are doing. They can be a hindrance to our advancement if not dealt with immediately and decisively. Remember quite often frustrations will be catalysts to propel us to our success. This means that frustrations can be

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Domestic Violence: By Elizabeth Kogo

   Domestic abuse happens when one partner in an intimate relationship feels the desire to dominate or control his partner. The sole reason for domestic abuse is to gain complete power control over a partner. When it is accompanied by violence, it is called domestic violence.   Causes of Domestic Violence Domestic violence happens when a person feels the need to control their partner. Boys who 

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This was the heading of an article I read in an old Christian magazine.  (if you read the same article and realize that I’m not telling the story as it is, well that’s the way I got it).   Anyway, a man, who we will call Jim, walked late into a memorial service for ‘his aunt’, so he thought.  He quietly sat down next to a

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Uniqueness That Cannot be Ignored: By – Beatrice Ndura

I had the privilege of attending the Fellowship of African Gospel Artists (FOAGA), Award Ceremony in Philadelphia this weekend. I accompanied Gospel artist Mary Kaleli who won an award in the Traditional Artist category. Mary has made the Kenyan Community proud. She touched many as she sang her signature song “You are Unique”. She exhibited her trail blazing spirit as she bridged the gap between East

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What is Grace / The Five Most Asked Questions: By Bishop David Jones

  During a recent live interview on the Pinnacle of Praise radio show hosted by Rev. Beatrice Ndura, I was ask several poignant questions about grace from the New Testament. Possibly one of the most misunderstood truths in the New Testament is this concept called grace. We know the word is real and is used 156 times in the original King James Version. But if the

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Embracing Change: By Beatrice Ndura

Change is inevitable it is like the weather. I faced this reality when our boys announced that they were moving out of our home. I did not know how to handle my new role – “empty nester”. I once heard somebody say that change is beautiful; some people embrace it while others resist it. I knew I had to make a choice, to embrace it or

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There is incomprehensible peace in the valley Peace divine that cannot be comprehended by the mortal being. There is incomprehensible peace in the valley Peace to conquer our fear and inadequacy. There is incomprehensible peace in the valley Peace to renew our strength and faith. There is incomprehensible peace in the valley Peace to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is

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Second Guessing –What is it and how can we break it? By Dr. Margaret Mbindyo

Second guessing is a common mental state of being which is very human but if left unchecked, can hamper meaningful progress in certain areas of our lives. Anytime we question our own judgment whether it’s our skill, ability, decision etcetera, we are second guessing ourselves.  Anytime we doubt those abilities that God has given us we are second guessing ourselves. Any time we question the existence

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